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For a long time, teams in a wide variety of sports, but particularly football, rugby and cricket have used outdoor activities as a way of breaking up more traditional training schedules. Often referred to as ‘team building’ the activities used tend to involve three key elements that contribute to success on the sports field- competitiveness, fitness and excellent communication skills amongst team members. Almost all our activities have been used by sports teams in the past. A team building day/ days can be put together using of combination of activities. The programme is flexible and is designed to meet your needs and achieve aims and objectives set by yourselves in conjunction with our experts.

We can highlight the effects of individual’s decisions and actions, how they impact on the team, and point to the changes that could take place to improve team performance. We debrief after each activity or at the end of the day.

The activities introduce problem solving challenges, encourage team work, challenge individuals and groups in unfamiliar environments. Participants get to see their team mates in different scenarios than those they would normally face. Reliance on each other in certain activities increases levels of trust and communication.

The process of ‘bonding’ develops improved levels of confidence, a better understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses and highlights the appropriate support systems to improve and to maximise team performance.

For an example, for a team of 20 players coming for a full day we could split into two groups and alternate between canoeing and raft building and finish off with an archery competition.

A new addition for local sports team (within 50 miles of Richmond, North Yorkshire) a summer evening session (June, July, August) a 2/ 3 hour starting at 1830/ 1900 this could include archery and team building activities such as the leaky pipe challenge, the sheep and the shepherd challenge which are great for developing decision making and communication skills. A great way to finish this evening off is with a barbeque and a nutritional drink! Although a beer is better! In the winter months, if you have access to indoor facilities there are certain team building activities which we can set up indoors.

We cater for all ages from the age of 7 upwards, for all levels of participation- social, amateur, semi-professional to elite teams.

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