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Every business is unique in either what it does, where its located, and by how many employees it has. We are, as you have to be in business, proactive, flexible, and as such put together activities that work for you, meet your aims and objectives and offer great value for money.

We have worked with numerous businesses in several different ways. As a fun day out for staff, as a reward for good performance, in both cases an opportunity for staff to get to know more about each other out of the constraints of the work environment.

Our activities can be used to improve morale, communication skills and allow you to view individuals in different scenarios.

A range of our activities can be done inside or outside and can be used for team building which is a proven method of improving team functionality and performance. Team skills are an important aspect of everyday life and are skills that can be improved. Team Building activities allow members to see at first hand the effects of their decisions and actions, how they affect others and give pointers for behavioural change.

Businesses can also use our activities as focal points for providing corporate hospitality, for clients and their families, employees, business partners and suppliers. The emphasis is on fun, creating a day to remember and is normally associated with some element of food, drink and entertainment.

You can come to us or go to one of the many locations we use throughout North Yorkshire and the Lake District. It really depends on where you are, how far you want to travel and a mix of activities you would like to take part on. Alternatively, we can pack up our equipment and come to a suitable venue of your choice, whatever it takes to put together a special package that works for you.


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