Windermere Canoe Challenge

£99.00 6 hours

*Please Note: Minimum/Maximum number of participants may apply to some activities. For short notice availability or if you are unable to select the numbers of places for this event that you require, please call us or get in touch via our Contact page to discuss other alternatives.

The Windermere canoe challenge is a fun and physical challenge taking in breath taking views of the surrounding Lake District Fells. Windermere is one of the best-known lakes in the Lake District and is just under 12 miles in length, the widest part is 1 mile and the deepest part of the lake is 67m.

Over the years Lake Windermere has influenced many well-known authors and poets such as William Wordsworth, Beatrix Potter and the creator of Postman Pat. Lake Windermere has 18 islands some of which are privately own but others which will provide opportunities to rest and have an alfresco lunch. Canoeing on Windermere allows you to take in the sights without all the crowds from the shore lines.

Starting your adventure, we will meet you in Ambleside side where you we will take a taxi to the south end of the lake. Here we will canoe past Storr Temple ‘Temple of Heroes’. This is a garden house built on the edge of the lake in 1804 to commemorate four British Naval Officers whose names are inscribed in the walls. Just over half way there is an option to stop in Bowness on Windermere and then carry on back to Ambleside. In the final mile, you will also pass Wray Castle which lies on the North West of the lake. It is a Victorian Neo-Gothic building, built in 1840 and in 1929 was handed over to the National Trust who still own it today.
There is lots of flora and fauna to see along the way, if you are lucky you may get to see otters, the native clawed crayfish and a range of aquatic plants. Oh, we can forget the Windermere Monster ‘Tizzie Wizzie’. It is said to have a hedgehog’s body, the tail of a squirrel and the wings of a bee. The story of Tizzie Wizzie came from a boatman in the 20th Century, sightings are still reported along the shores today.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Our kit is first class, the Old Town Discovery 158 canoes fitted 2 people comfortably and are perfect for this type of adventure, they are spacious with plenty of storage space for refreshments, additional clothing, and for your camera in case you catch a glimpse of Tizzie Wizzie.

The canoe trip can take up to 5 to 7 hours to complete depending ability and prevailing conditions and you will be kitted out with:

  • A cag (a protective layer helping to keep you dry, trap heat and reduce wind chill)
  • A paddle
  • A buoyancy aid
  • A waterproof bag to keep keys or valuable items safe

Throughout the adventure our qualified guide will be on hand to teach you the basic techniques involved in canoeing such as paddling, steering and staying in control. This trip is a great day out for families, friends, stag and hen parties, as a charity event or as team development day. It is suitable for all abilities from the age of 10 upwards.

Cost £69 per person