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At Alfresco Adventures we know that learning outside of the classroom is crucial to a young person’s development and how transformational it can be for them to get involved in such activities. From reward activities on site at your school, to motivational trips and activities that you can tie in to the curriculum at various locations across North Yorkshire and the Lake District. We cater for any organisation that works with young people.

Evidence shows that learning outside of the classroom can boost young people in a multitude of ways: improving their self-confidence, resilience and independence. Activities involving problem solving and team building and can boost performance and positively change behaviour. The activities can create life changing experiences for both the teachers/ leaders and young people and develop bonds which otherwise would not have existed. We operate on a challenge by choice policy for all activities. Our activity programmes are:

  • Educational
  • Safe
  • Engaging
  • Challenging
  • Fun

Alfresco Adventures are an Approved Activity Provider of the Duke of Edinburgh Award and hold the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) which assures you that all our programmes and activities are designed with safety and the young people’s well-being as the top priority. All of our staff are highly qualified and experienced in working with children from a wide range of backgrounds and abilities. We are also more than happy to send you copies of our Risk Assessments and Public Liability Insurance Certificate.

Below are some of the various ways Alfresco Adventures can engage the young people in learning outside of the classroom. We also have lots of team building games/ exercises/ activities which can be done inside as well as outside. Some of the learning outcomes are listed below

  • Problem Solving
  • Creative thinking
  • Cooperation
  • Trust and support
  • Communication skills
  • Decision making

We keep our activity only price really simple £39 + VAT per student for the day, so you can have a combination of activities within the day.

There are free teachers/ leaders places subject to the size of the group, for example, 30 young people doing an off site activity day, 2 leaders would go free! Our packages are aimed at Year 4 students upwards. The adventure starts here!


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