Archery for Schools

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This programme will introduce young people to the activity of Barebow archery and develop their skills week by week. The course will enable young people to progress at their own pace, building up the skills needed for success in the sport. Over the length of the course young people will have opportunity to, firstly, get to grips with the safety precautions necessary and the correct procedures for using the equipment. Then they will move on to developing their shooting skills and techniques, such as, the correct stance, aiming, looking after equipment and safe retrieval of arrows. They will develop an understanding of the terminology of the technical terms associated with archery and gain a broad understanding of the sport in its entirety.

The course is designed to be age and ability appropriate with sufficient challenge and support built in where necessary. Above all, the aim of the course is for young people to enjoy learning a new sport and have fun, in a safe environment, with inspirational and highly qualified instructors.