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Ever fancied yourself as a bit of a Robin Hood or Maid Marion? With Alfresco Adventures you can test your aim by propelling an arrow from a bow towards a target. Archery is an enjoyable, addictive and a fun activity suitable for ages of 7 upwards. We cater for group sizes of 4 to 104!

We are also providers of the Archery Leader qualification, which is designed to be used by professionals and volunteers working outside of the Archery Great Britain club structure, for example in sport centres, outdoor education centres, adventure and holiday parks and youth associations.
There are different types of archery:

  • Field
  • Target
  • Flight
  • Clout
  • Popinjay

We offer target archery which is the only form of archery allowed in the Olympics. There are several different target archery rounds, but generally, target archery consists of archers shooting a fixed number of arrows at a specified distance. That target is circular with 10 concentric rings. The inner ring of the gold scoring 10, to the outer ring of the white scoring 1. After an end of arrows, usually 3 or 6, all arrows are scored. At the end of the day, the person with the highest score wins! Simple!

What is Barebow Archery?

Barebow archery is an aiming method which still used widely around the world and dates back to when man first hunted with a bow and arrow. It relies on human skill with no mechanical or fixed sight to help you aim, some say it is the purest form of the sport.

What is Freestyle Archery?

Freestyle Archery is a method which uses mechanical aids and a fixed sight. This is used widely in modern day archery, hunting, and in the Olympics.

The equipment we use:

We have bows suitable for wide range of ages and abilities. We are currently using Core Air Bows which are lightweight and are suitable for beginners and intermediate shooters. Our Easton Jazz arrows are of a high quality and made aluminium. All the equipment is maintained to a very high standard.


Archery Locations

Just some of the places where we can offer this activity

  • Reeth


    Richmond, Catterick, Yorkshire Dales, Swaledale

  • Bring the Activity to You

    call to discuss options

  • Ullswater


    Penrith, Keswick, Ambleside


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