Navigation Course Reeth, Swaledale

£59.00 6 hours

*Please Note: Minimum/Maximum number of participants may apply to some activities. For short notice availability or if you are unable to select the numbers of places for this event that you require, please call us or get in touch via our Contact page to discuss other alternatives.

There is a plethora of walks in the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District that can last a lifetime!

Learning to swim or ride a bike is one of those lifelong skills as a nation we feel is important! We feel navigating should also be one of those lifelong skills.

From in Reeth, Swaledale we run a one day informal navigation course that will teach you the skills needed to navigate successfully in an upland environment, such as the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District.

This is not an accredited course, therefore is a more relaxed and an informal introduction to navigation.

Here’s an example of what we will cover:

  • the 4 D’s – direction, distance, duration and description
  • different map scales
  • how to use a compass
  • Bearings
  • Pacing
  • Handrail features
  • Tick off features
  • Contour lines

We will tailor the day to meet your needs out on the hill from understanding a map, and its different uses, to working on micro navigation and poor visibility navigation.

We can also give a you a constructive debrief to highlight your strengths and the elements you might need to work on.

See our blog post things to know when navigating in the hills.

The course starts and ends in Reeth, meeting on the village green at 0945/1000 and we aim to finish around 1600.

Once you’ve booked you will receive all the information and course notes so you can download them at a time that suits you. If you do have any questions about the course, please do not hesitate to get in touch.