Bronze Award

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*Please Note: Minimum/Maximum number of participants may apply to some activities. For short notice availability or if you are unable to select the numbers of places for this event that you require, please call us or get in touch via our Contact page to discuss other alternatives.

The bronze Duke of Edinburgh award is a great start for young people on their journey through the award. We find that participants who start with the bronze thrive off the experience and continue onto the silver and then gold award.

Alfresco Adventures can both train and asses the award at all levels, all our trainers are highly qualified and experienced which means a high standard of training is given which we believe is extremely important especially at this level in order to give the best start in such a great award.

Our proposed package will give a great introduction to the skills needed to get through the bronze award.

2 days expedition training– These two days will give the group a great opportunity to learn various skills to prepare for their practice expedition, including; navigation; group management; weather and kit.

2 day practice expedition– Here the group will head out into their chosen location and put their theory into practice. This will give the group an opportunity to test drive their skills ready for the qualifying. Under close supervision of the trainer the group will go over the skills they had learnt on the 1 day practice expedition training but will also include one night camp where they will learn everything they need to know to spend a night camping.

1 day pre-expedition refresher– The group will arrive the day before expedition and do kit checks, have a question and answer session, do a 2 hours navigation refresher and meet their assessor.

2 day qualifying expedition– This is the part we find most groups thoroughly enjoy. The qualifying expedition allows the group to bring all their training and skills together and enjoy a two days one night self sufficient journey. The group will be left to their own devices to complete their planned journey. Our assessors will be keeping a close eye on the group by remote supervision.

Additional training days can be provided if required. Our proposed program can be tailored to suit your needs.

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