Baking Scottish Baps

Scottish Baps

As a nation everything is slowing down and everyone is asked to social-isolate or self-isolate due to covid-19. It’s a great time to learn some new skills or start making fine food in your own home for very little money.

Here is a simple recipe for making Scottish Baps or Breakfast Baps.

Preparation time: 35 minutes + 1-hour proofing / rising time
Cook time: 20 to 30 minutes
Makes 6 rolls


• 3g dried yeast
• ½ teaspoon of caster sugar
• 216g white bread flour
• 125ml lukewarm milk
• ½ teaspoon of salt
• 22g butter


1) Place the yeast, sugar and flour and add the lukewarm milk into a bowl and give the mix a little stir; leave for 10 minutes. Hopefully you will start to see some bubbles appear on the surface.

2) Add the butter and mix until it forms a dough.

3) Knead the dough for three minutes either in a mixer or by hand. Then shape the dough into a ball back in the mixing bowl. Place a damp cloth over the top and leave in a warm place for one hour to rise.

4) Preheat your oven to 210°c. Knead the dough again for two minutes and then divide it into six pieces. Roll a piece into a ball and then flatten into an oval shape. Repeat with the remaining dough.

5) Place the ovals on to a floured tray and dust with flour. Leave for 15 minutes so then can rise again. Make an indent in the centre with your finger and bake for 20 to 30 minutes until browned and cooked through.

The breakfast baps should have a soft crust which is ideal for little ones. This can be a great activity to do with your children whilst schools are closed due to the coronavirus.

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Happy Baking

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