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  • Park Foot Caravan and Camping Park Map

    Here is the map for Park Foot Caravan and Camping Park. The meeting point for all water sports on Ullswater is the Lake Access point on the map (Look out for our Alfresco Adventures Feather Flag).

  • Plogging in the Yorkshire Dales

    Plogging in the Yorkshire Dales

    Plogging in the Yorkshire Dales, could it a thing that takes off? What is plogging? In Sweden, environmentally conscious runners have taken to collecting plastic litter during their runs. The aerobically taxing and rubbish-collecting activity has been named “plogging” – a portmanteau of “jogging” and “plucking”. Founded by Erik Ahlström, Stockholm-based group Plogga aims to […]

  • Scottish Baps

    Scottish Baps

    Baking Scottish Baps As a nation everything is slowing down and everyone is asked to social-isolate or self-isolate due to covid-19. It’s a great time to learn some new skills or start making fine food in your own home for very little money. Here is a simple recipe for making Scottish Baps or Breakfast Baps. […]