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Bushcraft, Shelter Building & Forest School

Bushcraft, Shelter Building & Forest School

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Alfresco Adventures offer a unique experience for children and adults; teaching them vital life skills through the means of outdoor survival. This bespoke package can be tailored to suit any school group or party. The package includes, firstly, teaching children the skill of shelter building. Here, tarpaulins and natural resources are used to teach children how to protect themselves from elements in the wild. Children have a great time foraging in the woods for the best natural tools to make their shelter stronger and more unique than the others; introducing a competitive element which will ensure even the most reluctant child gets involved. They will also learn the importance of safety and risk assessments in this environment. The second aspect to the Bushcraft session focuses on children learning to safely prepare food in the wild, utilising skills such as fire lighting and cooking on an open fire. Children are taught to prepare and light a fire using firesteel. Children and instructors will then prepare a meal on an open fire, whittling sticks to toast marshmallows. As this is a bespoke package, extra activities can be added to this experience to make the most of your day. Orienteering, archery or climbing can add a more active element to this package, further encouraging pupils’ team building and enjoyment of the outdoors.


Bushcraft, Shelter Building & Forest School Locations

Just some of the places where we can offer this activity

  • Reeth


    Richmond, Catterick, Yorkshire Dales, Swaledale

  • Keswick


    Penrith, Buttermere, Carlisle

Fire-wood makes you warm three times; first collecting it, secondly shifting it and third when you burn it. Ray Mears

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